i sapori della costiera

From the sea and vegetable garden to our cuisine...

Seared filet of beef in a porcini mushroom reduction accompanied by crispy vegetables.
This dish expresses the beautiful contrast between the meat that melts in your mouth with the crunch of the vegetables.

Rabbit from the nearby Lattari mountains, baked in an herb, lemon zest, and hazelnut crust with mixed vegetables.
This rabbit dish is cooked in in its own juices that retain all its nutrient value and its flavour with lemon leaves that come from our garden.

Seared tender amberjack filet on a bed of wild lettuce with accompanying vegetables.
The amberjack swims in the waters of the Amalfi Coast, so it's always fresh and delicious.

Seared tuna filet in a rosemary and red wine reduction with broccoli. We hand cut this fish caught from neighbouring Cetara so that every tuna steak melts in your mouth. We use red wine from our own vineyard to flavour the reduction.

Totani (kind of squid) stuffed with potato mousse and raisins, in a sauce of sun-dried tomatoes and fava beans.

This is a traditional dish of the Amalfi Coast with a new twist.